About David

About David

David doesn’t really know what to say about himself, but he’s trying anyway.

First off he’s probably a lot taller than you, but don’t worry, he’s humble about it.

One of his first memories (he may have imagined this) was asking Dad, who was sitting in his big green chair, when Mom would be home, of course he didn’t realize Mom would be bringing home a little brother.

He wanted to draw comic books, but first he wanted to be a paramedic like the cool guys from station 51 on Emergency.

He wants to tell you he had a great photo education in Utah starting at the Salt Lake City Art Center (Thanks Roger and Art), and later at Utah State University (Sara and Craig), but he’s kind of worried you may have a provincial bias about Utah, since you don’t, don't worry about it he won’t.

He does want you to know he’s not Mormon, but Canadian so that Mamiya RZ-67 he had in college was actually an R Zed-67.

He spent a year studying art at the University of Florida, but Florida wasn’t for him so he followed his college sweetheart to California.

David married the love of his life, that girl from college.

David has a fondness for really great beer, and great images and has literally travelled thousands of miles in search of both.

After he got his first student loan bill he went and got a real job, which was challenging and exciting for a while, but it wasn’t photography.

He quit, and is back to doing what he loves.

He’s not enjoying writing about himself.

David makes great photographs and that makes his wife happy.

How are we going to make a great headshot for you?

First I’m sure you have done a little homework about this for yourself so you’ve read these statements on other photographer’s sites.  That’s great and a lot of what those other folks have said is really good advice.  Yes get a good nights sleep, and do what you need to do to make sure you are looking good the day you walk into the studio, but I’m not going to ask you to stop smoking or drinking or any huge life style changes a week before you come in that’s kind of silly.  Don’t come in under the influence or anything if you’re nervous, we’ll talk a bit and you’ll be fine.

First off meet with me so you know what you are getting!

Be comfortable with who you are, we won’t be able to change that.

Clothes … wear what you love, and have a few extras on hand, if it’s not there when we shoot it’s going to be tough to shoot it, but really your clothes aren’t going to get you the job they are for you to feel comfortable in.  Oh but please nothing distracting no polka dots, lasers, stripes or labels, I’m glad you are a Lakers fan, but gold and purple are not your colors (trust me).

Most headshots are bland and expressionless, don’t fall into that trap, we will work your face and expressions, using your eyes, mouth especially your brow, it’s a major way we communicate so work it. 

Relax, have fun and smile!

On my end I’ll clean up the background, so there are no distracting elements, I prefer to keep it bright, and tight, the photograph is about you so I fill the frame with you.

How Much, and a couple of Details?

Packages start at $300.00; I do require a 50% retainer to book your appointment balance due the day we shoot.  If you need to change a scheduled appointment give me 72 hours notice otherwise … well it’s a retainer.  I’ll try to fill your slot with another client, and if I can I’ll credit the retainer to a future appointment. 

If you would like (recommended) a Make-up artist I can arrange for one, you will be responsible to pay them in cash the day of the shoot.

I’ll come to you, I hold two sessions each day mornings and afternoons I keep it flexible, but once we set a time I’ll be there.

I suggest you book you appointment a few weeks in advance to get a day/time that works for you, but if you are in a hurry give me a call (909 648 5486) to see if I have an opening.