Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lookbook for Urbanite Designory

T and I shot with my friend Dee Tuesday.  I've been shooting with Dee for almost two years, she's a great client, and defiantly has a perspective all her own.

In april I stolde a quick shot in this style while on my shoot with Naomi, and Shaina, and I've been doing on most of my shoots since.  I guess they are turning into a little side project.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Test shoot Yesterday

My friend Mary asked me to do a test shoot with her, so yesterday we shoot the beautiful America.  T and I drove out to Downey.  Mary planed to do three looks, and be done in four hours, five looks and seven hours later I think everyone was a little tired.

This is a quick edit I pulled out for a personal project I've been working on.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Anne-Marie Mueschke

Tara and I photographed Anne-Marie Wednesday afternoon at Travel Town in Griffith Park before we headed to Dances with Films to see a screening of Losing Ferguson a short film out friend Trisha wrote and directed.  Oh yeah and we shot the still photos for her.  

Anne-Marie is beautiful, graceful and expressive it was so easy to work with her.

I wanted to shoot with our lens baby (which usually sits forgotten in my bag), and an off camera flash, to experiment and of course have a little fun.

The f2.8 ring was way to soft for me, but I do like these two, but I did put the f8 ring in.

After Anne-Marie changed outfits I changed to a "real" lens.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mladenka Grgic headshots by Cutts Imaging Group

I meet Mladenka and her brother Luke in Pasadena a week or two ago.  After a short talk about what roles and types she was targeting we walked over to my favorite spot and shot for a couple of hours.

She wanted to shoot in natural light and I was happy to comply, and since she brought Luke I recruited him as my assistant for the day.  Mostly he held reflectors told stories and answered my questions.  I had lots they immigrated to California from Croatia via Germany really an interesting story.

After we moved to this spot for a dark background, I used Luke as a voice activated light stand (V.A.L.S.) with my 580exll as a little hair light.  

I'm happy with how these turned out, and wish Mladenka luck with her budding career.