Friday, March 8, 2013

Getting back to work

I drove to Pasadena to shoot with Virginia, who also had a baby in December.  It was a beautiful overcast day, we shot for a couple of hours downtown, where we found so many places with great light.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A little test from January

I haven't shot much since our daughter was born in December, but I managed to sneak out of the house and make this, with a few friends

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bri's Headshot

So I drove out to my favorite "park" in LA to shoot Bri's headshot.  We meet through her friend Felisha, who has been trying to get Bri, who is at least 5'10" modeling.

After we nailer her headshot, she wanted to try a bit of a fashiony look.  While it may not have been the best spot to shoot a for what she wanted, we worked it a bit and I love how this turned out.

Sweet Headshot photography by Los Angeles headshot photographer David Cutts of Cutts Imaging Group.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Kim agency test

I drove out to Malibu, CA Monday afternoon to shoot a quick test with Kim.  Kim grew up in Juneau, AK and came to LA for the weather, but I bet she had a job too.  Kim is a competitive jump roper, and like me, you didn't know there was competitive jump roping!  She's represented as a model by Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited, and looking for some new images for her comp card.

She needed some lifestyle beachy images for her book, I of course had to grab a headshot.

We originally had agreed to shoot Sunday morning, but a tickle in my throat Saturday morning erupted into a full blown cold by Sunday morning, and it would have been freezing (okay California freezing).

I did not neglect my lensbaby which quite often sits in my bag neglected.  It's a fun little piece of glass which I tend to think of as a toy, but it's actually a tool like any other lens.  I just need to spend some time mastering it.

Sweet photography by Los Angeles headshot photographer David Cutts of Cutts Imaging Group.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

More personal work

The royal we here at Cutts Imaging Group have been busy, and that's groovy.  A shoot we had scheduled for Saturday morning got canceled so T and I took a little drive up to Wrightwood, CA for a little date/scouting mission.  On the way home we stopped at one of T's favorite places Mormon Rocks, where I shot these first two.

After a coffee break we headed up old Waterman Canyon road to an organic fruit stand T wanted to check out, we picked up the last apples of the session and a couple of avocados, awesome.