Friday, November 16, 2012

Kim agency test

I drove out to Malibu, CA Monday afternoon to shoot a quick test with Kim.  Kim grew up in Juneau, AK and came to LA for the weather, but I bet she had a job too.  Kim is a competitive jump roper, and like me, you didn't know there was competitive jump roping!  She's represented as a model by Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited, and looking for some new images for her comp card.

She needed some lifestyle beachy images for her book, I of course had to grab a headshot.

We originally had agreed to shoot Sunday morning, but a tickle in my throat Saturday morning erupted into a full blown cold by Sunday morning, and it would have been freezing (okay California freezing).

I did not neglect my lensbaby which quite often sits in my bag neglected.  It's a fun little piece of glass which I tend to think of as a toy, but it's actually a tool like any other lens.  I just need to spend some time mastering it.

Sweet photography by Los Angeles headshot photographer David Cutts of Cutts Imaging Group.

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