Thursday, January 27, 2011

Juliet Nguyen

My lovely wife and I drove back out to Seal Beach Saturday to photograph for make-up artist Linh Hoang again, yes dear readers as promised another wedding theme.  Juliet is a wonderful young woman, but not really old enough to be a real bride.  We shot a bunch, I filled up an 8 gig card over 500 images, not really my normal style.  T had her camera (back from Canon) on motor drive most of the day, I don't know maybe I was trying to keep up.

Linh kept us busy changing up the make up and styling several times throughout the shoot, and I shoot mostly with the available light but did throw the 580EX II on for a little fill cause that's how I like to roll.

Juliet's boy friend played our groom most of the shoot, and was a trooper.  They've been dating less then a month, but Juliet kept "hinting" which made T a bit anxious.


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