Thursday, March 31, 2011

Agency Test M. Cutts Imaging Group

I photographed M. a couple of weeks ago, but haven't been able to post about it until she approved the edits.  I understand, she's a beautiful young woman wants to be an actor has worked as a model, if she wants to protect her image that's cool with me.  We shot for a while in her lovely apartment trying out a few ideas she had.  Unfortunately she burned her right hand while at work so we had to work around it. 

After a short break were we talked about what we would shoot next, M. asked if we could shoot in her tiny pink stair well.  I threw a 50mm and a 580exII on the camera and we went shooting.  I think some of the best images we shot that night we did in that tiny pink stair well.  

This is one of my favorites: 

This is Mirela's number one pick:

To be honest I'm still waiting for her okay to post my favorite number one pick, you know the one golden gem that goes in the portfolio.  I think it's that good.

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