Sunday, March 6, 2011

Getting a great headshot

How are we going to make a great headshot for you?

First I’m sure you have done a little homework about this for yourself so you’ve read these statements on other photographer’s sites.  That’s great and a lot of what those other folks have said is good advice.  But really some of those guys are full of shit.  Yeah get a good nights sleep, and do what you need to do to make sure your looking good the day you walk into the studio, but I’m not going to ask you to stop smoking or drinking or any silly huge life style changes a week before you come in that’s kind of dumb.  Don’t come in wasted or anything if you’re nervous, we’ll talk a bit and you’ll be fine.

First off, come meet with me so you know what you are getting!

Be comfortable with who you are, we won’t be able to change that.

Clothes … bring what you love, and bring a lot, if it’s not here when we shoot it’s going to be tough to shoot it, oh and nothing distracting no polka dots, lasers, stripes or labels.

Clean up the background, the photograph is about you, so no distracting elements, I prefer to keep it bright, and simple.

Go big and tight, again the photograph is about you not want you are wearing so fill the frame with you face, we might even crop the top of your head to really get in on your face.

Most headshots are bland and expressionless, don’t fall into that trap, work your face and expression, use your brow, it a major way we communicate so work it. 

Relax, have fun and smile!

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