Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blooming Yucca.

T and I drove up I-15 and got off on CA-138 then headed up Lone pine Canyon Road to scout a location.  It was kind of cool!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dennis/JAWS Artist portrait by Cutts Imaging Group Los Angeles

I drove in to LA Sunday morning to photograph Dennis.  He's almost done, or really done a new album (don't remember which) so we worked on making him an image for the album cover.

I decided to push the processing pretty hard, mostly just to see what I could do, and how far I could push and still be happy with the results.

Always being safe I had to get something close to my style.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dead Bird

Marla Leigh artist portrait by Cutts Imaging Group Los Angeles, CA

Marla and I got together at her place a couple days ago.  She getting ready for a super busy summer, and wanted some new promo photographs.  
She needed one by this weekend, so I pounded this out for her.

We shot for a few hours, had a great time and shot half a dozen looks/setups.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

FL to CA 1999 - 2000

On the eve of the millennium melt down I threw a bunch of film in my 1984 Dodge Ram and hit the road.  I wanted to get out of Florida, and had this girl I wanted to see who was living in California.  I think I spent two weeks getting there.


The first stop I made was in Port Arthur, TX.  I wanted to see where Robert Rauschenberg grew up.  No artistic divine hand touched me.

I spent the first couple of nights along I-10 in the south at rest stops, once I hit Texas I got off the interstate and found this lonely road to stop and spend the night.

  A day later I was in Marfa, TX to see Donald Judd's Chinati Foundation, other than getting to see the girl that day was one of the best on the trip.  I barely had enough money for gas, so I spent every night in the back of the truck on a twin mattress with my sleeping bag and all the blankets I owned to stay warm.  I broke down and splurged on a portable heater one morning after I though I might actually freeze to death (okay a slight exaggeration), only to read hundreds of miles down the road not to use in an enclosed space ... a choice cold feet or brain cells.

 I was dying to see White Sands, so I stopped for a day or two in Alamogordo where I also found the Space Hall of Fame.  I visited a buddy from college in Tucson, we hiked and photographed for a few days right before Christmas.  

I didn't want to impose so I headed south to Tombstone and Bisbee for Christmas Day, it wasn't the first Christmas I'd spent on my own, and I was going to see the girl in a few more days. 

Who knows how much T-MAX I shot, and I'm not sure if I knew going in I was going to print all the negatives as diptychs or not.  I do know I shot a bunch of film in that Fuji 645 for a couple of years