Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Fan Letter #4: Walt Simonson

So if your read my bio page, you know as a young man I wanted to draw comics ... next up Thor artist Walt Simonson.


I don't remember when I started reading comics, but my parents recognized I was reading, and encouraged me.  One of the first books I started reading was "The Mighty Thor", it was the 1980's, you were working magic on that book.  I'm a bit of a completest, so I scoured the local comic book stores for back issues I read them out of order as I could afford them.  It's hard to read a story out of order, I didn't get it, and I was like ten or twelve.  When you left Thor I followed you to X-Factor, but I might have already been collecting that series.  At some point I picked up the Star Slammer graphic novel after lusting after it for months, it's still one of my favorite books.   

You and the Marvel artists of time, made me want to draw comics.  Which started me down the road to being an artist which lead me to photography.  I figured out pretty late in high school I wasn't going to make it as a penciler.  I did apply to art school, but chickened out and sneaked into college at the last minute.

Anywho thanks, for making great art and inspiring me to be an artist.


David CUtts

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