Monday, September 3, 2012

My wife is pretty awesome!

We've been married for 11 years, dated for five years before that (well we still date because a woman needs to be treated right), and we are expecting our first this December (it's a girl).  So this woman continues to amaze me she's smart and funny and beautiful.  She makes great photographs, mostly because she suffers form a disorder I've labeled excellent to perfect.  Which carries over to every thing she does.

Today I want to share a art project she's working on:

Tara has been making these shadow boxes with stuff she collected from her family.  I know she thinks of them as craft projects for our daughter, but I'm going to call them art.  What I love is the autobiographical nature of each box. The little stories she's telling about her grandmother, mother and her self.  The bottom box is for her mother and my grandmother who made tea for us as kids.  Jeanie (Tara's mom) bought the little tea set for our daughter , Annika, five years ago before she died, and  we were pregnant.  We also have three two dollar bills Jeanie made sure to give us for each of her grandchildren ... Annika might get all three.  

So for today that's why my wife is awesome. 

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