Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday sucked!

I spent almost all day in my truck, and not going anywhere.  I had to run down to Canon in Irvine to pick-up a lens I might have dropped.  Traffic into the OC wasn't bad so I had high hopes for the rest of the day.  I met my buddy Mike (only one of two good things that happened today) at the Yard House for a burger and a beer.  Raced home to grab my gear to run into LA to shoot a headshot.  The trip wasn't that bad till I hit the 101 and went six miles in an hour ... grrrr.  I then drove around Koreatown looking for a parking place and trying to call my model for almost an hour before I gave up and headed home.  At which point the rain started to come down in sheets.  Oh yeah normal people slow down in the rain Californians freeze up and crawl when it gets a little wet, two and a half hours later I get home to my lovely wife (the other good thing), who had beer in the fridge.  She loves me!

Since I don't have new photo's to post I thought I'd throw out a BTS shot from Wednesday ghetto reflector stand in all its glory.  After my Canon visit I did stop by Calumet in Santa Ana to pick-up a replacement.

I had a blast shooting Jessica, but sometimes I wonder if I should reign in my uber geek ... na that's silly.

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  1. That's actually a gorgeous shot. Everything in it works.