Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jessica Charles' Headshot Los Angeles

Once again I drove in to L.A. yesterday to photograph.  Jessica's been acting forever, and making wedding dresses for a few years.  She's meeting with an agent Friday and needed a headshot quick, so I brought the laptop and pounded this final edit out in her living room after we finished shooting.

She needed a theatrical and wanted a vertical, but I noticed she picked all horizontal photographs for me to edit, which suits me just fine.  Although in my perfect world I make them all squares, cause squares are awesome.  Or maybe I always wanted a Hasselblad, yeah T's got one, but that's hers.  I had a Pentax 67 in college (which I regrettably sold on eBay) a 6x7 cm negative is the same aspect ratio as a 4x5 or 8x10, oh enough photo geek stuff.  These are my picks form Jessica's: 

Just as I thought we were finished Jessica said she had a wig she wanted to try a couple of shots with ... and it was kind of like a different person came out in from of the lens.  Dig it cause I do.

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