Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So where do you want to shoot?

It's always the first or second question a client asks, and honestly I'd love to say "come on over to the studio, we'll shoot and you can give me a big wad of cash", but since I don't (at the moment) have a studio, cause that's like expensive and stuff, I'm a traveller.  A few brave souls have ventured out to the house, but I know it's hike, and most aren't willing to make the trek.  T and I shot Michelle in her tiny (maybe 12x15) studio apartment, it was tight, but doable.  We tried to set up outside, but the wind kept tearing the backdrop paper so we headed in.

I can probably make any room in most apartments work.  When I shot Manuel; he and the background were on one end of his living room, my main lights were behind a couch, and I photographed on the other side of the living room table.  It made moving around kind of a chore, but we made it work, and got some great photo's.  So if you want to drive to me (San Bernardno) that's great, but I bet you have enough space for me to photograph in.

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