Friday, February 25, 2011

Meryeme Davies model portfolio Los Angeles

I drove into Los Angeles Thursday to photograph Meryeme.  She's building a look book and assembled a team to get it done.  

Hair by Severn Lang

Makeup by Erin Kiyoko Nakashima

We worked for most of the day to get four and a half looks (slight change of hair for the last 1/2) done.  I switched up the light with each look so i really got a chance to show off and flex a bit, it was cool.  I know I had a good time and I'm super happy about the images.  Plus it's great working with nice people.

Still experimenting with the new bracket this time supplemented by a bare Dynalite MH2050 head

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  1. That red dress really pops well with her red lipstick, and works. But I really like the black and white, with her hair pulled back. The lighting and the pose remind me of something from a 1920s/1930s silent era actress.